May 4, 2020

-PRNewswire/ — Aviary Bakery reported today on its response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The company continues to monitor the situation and is proactively working to ensure all possible measures are being taken to protect employee welfare and the quality of its products. Out of an abundance of caution, the company has implemented the following measures:

  • All employees whose daily tasks allow them to work from home will be required to do so.
  • All business travel has been suspended.
  • Only essential visitors will be allowed on company property.
  • All non-essential meetings with outside parties through the end of March have been cancelled.
  • Onsite medical teams will continue to educate employees about COVID-19 risk reduction and measures for maintaining the highest level of protection possible.
  • Employees are encouraged to self-report if they have been in contact with anyone experiencing flu-like symptoms or if they have traveled to certain locations in the United States with severe COVID-19 outbreaks. 
  • Sanitation procedures throughout the company are being reinforced.
  • Employee common areas will be continually sanitized throughout the day with chemicals effective in killing coronavirus.
  • If an employee appears to be experiencing flu-like symptoms, they will be required to immediately seek medical attention and remain at home for at least 17-days and until they are free of symptoms.

In this time of uncertainty, Aviary Bakery is committed to maintaining a safe, high-quality supply of products. While there are no known indications that COVID-19 is transferable through food, our safety team is continuing to follow guidance from public health organizations, including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO), to limit the impact of COVID-19. The company’s ability to serve our consumers, retailers, and communities has not been impacted, nor has the safety and quality of Aviary Bakery products.

About Aviary Bakery
Aviary Bakery provides ready-to-serve cakes, cheesecakes and other desserts through retail sales, food service distributors, restaurants, and school nutrition programs. We also offer a full line of private label desserts for higher-volume clients throughout the Midwest.

Aviary Bakery was established in 2014 as a family-owned company in Springfield, MO. Today, the family still operates Aviary Bakery from our state-of-the-art facilities on 19-acres just northeast of Springfied. More information about Aviary Bakery and our products may be found at